For several years now Nairobi Hold’Em has been the premier poker game in the country, and more and more people are discovering the excitement of this great game. When playing the game of Nairobi Hold’Em, being suited is very important, since being suited can provide benefits on several different levels. These cards follow more than one purpose, and it is always a good idea to get suited.

For instance, if you have a Queen and King of the same color or even a 10-9 or any other suited consecutive connector it is always a good idea to play them every time you can get a good pot with the hand. As always, position is important in the game of Nairobi Hold’Em, and holding a late position is great for playing this strategy. There is of course a difference in value between a consecutive hand such as a QK simple and a QK suited. Hands with suited connections are not often played in Texas Hold’Em, and they are only played under the right situations.

When focusing on the play of these suited connectors, the player must keep in mind that many times there will be a card that is consecutive to the ones in the hand but not the same suit. This means that often you will need to play more marginal hands than you would have liked. If you intend to stay with the suited plan, it is important to drop hands that do not follow the pattern you need.

If your intention is to pursue a flush, then by playing the suited connectors you will have a straight flush, which is a much more powerful hand than the normal kind. In addition, playing the suited strategy will help you get more flush draws than straight draws, and of course a flush beats a straight in Nairobi Hold’Em.

One more reason to play the suit connectors is because when you begin playing the off suit connectors you may encounter some additional problems. For instance, you may be playing in more pots, playing more hands, and this will increase your chances of losing. You will also nearly always go for a straight draw, and if another player has one you will lose to the flush. You may also find yourself making more difficult choices, and this could increase the chances that you will make the wrong move. When playing this strategy you could lose to a better straight, and there are many cards that could beat your hand even if you get the hand you are seeking. That is why the smart TNairobi Hold’Em players nearly always try to play only suited connectors.

When deciding to play the suited connectors, you will be holding check for the cards displayed on the flop. If there is even the smallest chance that another player may take the decision, then go with it only if you are holding high connectors, particularly connectors like A, K or Q.